About me

I am a Web Developer and all round creative type, currently based between Exeter, Devon and Liskeard, Cornwall.

Web Development

With 20 years experience in both large organisations and for small clients I bring a wealth of knowledge to everything I do. Primarily a backend coder, I’ve worked on many projects over the years which used PHP, .NET, Laravel (and derivatives thereof), WordPress, Zend Framework, various database platforms, and other frameworks and technologies. As you may notice I never miss an opportunity to learn a new skill. Read more about my Web Development work…

Over 15 years experience of back-end coding


I am also a DJ and presenter on Exeter’s Community Radio station Phonic Fm. I present several shows and was on the board of directors for a year. You can read more about my radio work here…


Having originally trained as a Graphic Designer, I like to bring a creative edge to everything I work on. I’m also something of an Instagram addict.

I have been known to dabble in electronic music, and have a few bits and pieces up on Soundcloud including the track I created which was used as the theme tune for the Tech Monthly podcast, which I presented.