Web development

Based in Devon/Cornwall and happy to remote anywhere, I’m a flexible approachable developer who loves working on interesting or new projects. I also have plenty of experience tidying up legacy code.

Backend tends to be my speciality, and over the years I have worked on projects using PHP, .NET, Laravel (and derivatives thereof), WordPress, Zend Framework, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and too many more technologies to mention.

I also do frontend, I’m great with CSS having had lots of experience building websites to match print graphics. I’m also passionate about accessibility, and see voice control and IOT as the future, and with that in mind I write clean valid semantic HTML.

My skills include PHP, .Net, Laravel, WordPress, Zend Framework, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React

Many of the projects I work on can’t stretch to a Business or Systems Analyst and so I often wear that hat too. I have a good understanding of process, and the importance of building systems which fulfil the users’ needs. I often build prototypes and involve the client early on in testing.

I can also build a complete stack for sites which are hosted on their own virtual machines (VMs). I have experience of doing all aspects of web development from Systems Architect through to code maintenance. I am conscious of considerations of scale and performance.

Current work

Currently I’m working on a Userfrosting (PHP) project for the recruitment industry, utilising an API. Userfrosting (framework derived from Laravel) is a great user and role management centred framework, ideal for building things like user portals. I am also building and configuring VMs in the cloud ready for these sites.

My GitHub profile can be viewed at github.com/helenc77

Recent work

I have built and worked on a variety of WordPress sites for individual businesses, mainly using child themes to customise and refine the behaviour of feature-rich commercially available themes, tailoring them to the clients’ requirements. Here are some examples…

I often do Business/Systems Analysis work as part of the projects I work on

Past work

Education Sector

I spent many years working for a Higher Education institute, and was Co-Architect and Lead Developer on building their main course information system, which remains one of their core infrastructure systems to the present day. Built in PHP using the Zend Framework and MySQL, it was architected to be both flexible in terms of structure and return fast query results. This was achieved with a combination of a normalised database structure and and CRON generated web service. You can read more about this project here http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/criate/

I also worked on a variety of research projects using frameworks such as .NET and Laravel, as well as other bespoke online learning and teaching platforms.

Public Sector

Previously I worked for local government and the NHS on many different sites and platforms. I gained experience here of Project Management and Business Analysis, working with designers and marketers, as well as a broad base of skills including PHP, ASP.NET, HTML and CSS. This also gave me a great grounding in Accessibility and semantic HTML.

I’m passionate about accessibility, semantic HTML and IOT

Over the years I’ve worked on projects in .NET and Zend Framework and I never miss an opportunity to learn a new skill.

My full CV can be viewed at www.linkedin.com/in/helenconnole